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Who We Are

car detailing
car detailing

Our History

It's very hard to say when I started detailing. Since I was 15 I've always been in love with cars and motorcycles. In 2000, I decided to set up a large car washing and polishing center in São Paulo, Brazil. I improved techniques through the first three courses of 3M, Sonax and Meguiars, where I fell in love to see the results full of mirrors in the cars.

I was invited to start a project of two new car washes in the city. When I realized that I was completely in love with this profession. So I decided to continue my training in the United States, since being invited by my American citizen sister and resident in California. I have already made more than 20,000 preparations in cars, motorcycles, boats, motor home.I became a specialist in black and metal colors, where I guarantee 100% risk removal, holography and high gloss with super protection. Beside me, my faithful partner, my wife Solange Sobrinho, who specialized in the complete services of cleaning, sanitation and protection of the interior. Our services are made with imported products of the highest quality to provide a result of excellence.


professional detailing

Professional Detailing

professional interior

Professional Interior

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